Ongoing Engagement

This section includes fun activities that can be shared with couples to do at home or that your church can host over webcast for groups of couples to connect virtually. These activities are perfect for inviting those who engaged with your “Initial Outreach” content to dive deeper into the life of the church and with others.

If your church chooses to host an online event, consider using Zoom or another video conference system. They offer a great suite of free and paid video conferencing services.

Schedule a call with Communio learn how to effectively engage your members – and those in your community – through digital outreach.

Couples Relationship Enrichment Kits

What’s Inside:

This is a self-guided, one-stop resource for couples to learn and apply practical skills to strengthen their marriages.

What’s Inside:

This is a couple’s one-stop shop for a romantic date at home together.

What’s Inside:

This kit is perfect for families who want to teach their young children the importance of Lent, in an interactive way.

What’s Inside:

This is a self-guided, one-stop resource for couples to invest in their marriage with daily, weekly, monthly and yearly exercises.

What’s Inside:

This is an in-home couple’s date night made possible by LCBC Church designed to spark in-depth conversation between partners on how to fight for their relationship and deepen connection

What’s Inside:

This is a couple’s date kit made with support from LCBC Church. It is designed to spark connection through a shared video experience and outdoor activity:

What’s Inside:

Pursue healing and healthy communication. Learn how to communicate better and to work through fights in a healthy way. Learn how to turn negative interactions into positive ones. Interactive exercises

What’s Inside:

Join Catholic Marriage Champions from around the country for a five-part marriage enrichment and renewal series. Now more than ever, our Domestic Church is in need of relationship with God and others. Encourage couples in your parish - and in your community - to register today!

Ideas for Building Online Community

Couples Prayer Groups

Virtual small groups are a great way to bridge the gap from quarantine, social distancing, and full re-opening. Consider having volunteers email and form their own Zoom couples prayer groups. You might add a prayer or devotional dimension to any and all of the ideas in this section. You can select a particular devotional to utilize.

Last Letter

If you'd like to keep your brain sharp during this time of social distancing, play Last Letter with your friends. All you need to do is choose a category — '90s movies, flowers, states, colors, etc. — and say a word within that category. The next person will say a word that starts with the last letter of your word, and on and on you'll go until someone comes up blank. That person will then sit out the next round. Keep playing until only one player is left standing.

Online Board Game Night

Did you ever lose any friends playing Risk or Monopoly? Why stop just because you aren’t in the same room? Set up a Zoom or FaceTime chat so you can see the faces of your friends when they land on Boardwalk. There are dozens on online “board games” that can be played by groups of people at the same time.

Here are three popular multi-player games you can download for a small fee and start playing with friends immediately

If these don’t interest you, just search online for a favorite game – there is probably an online version. Another option is to visit Board Game Arena. This is one of the world’s largest online board game platforms you can access for a cheap monthly.

Digital Wine and Cheese Party

It’s nice to talk to friends you have not seen in-person for a while. Hosting a “Digital Wine and Cheese Party” or a “Zoom Couples Happy Hour” over FaceTime or a Zoom video call is a great way for couples to re-connect. Before you host, simply select a few pairing combinations with your friends and grab it all at a supermarket next time you stock up on food.

Here are two great resources to help you select the best wine-cheese pairings for your digital happy hour:

Note: You might consider having a volunteer lead the group through the finer points of pre-selected wine and cheese pairings over video chat.

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