Digital Toolbox for Relationships

Communio exists to serve churches in strengthening marriages and relationships both in their membership and helping them reach out to bless couples across their city.

In a world recovering from COVID-19 tension and stress have never been higher, especially when it comes to our closest relationships. This is a time where couples are immersed in a climate of heightened anxiety. Pastors and churches are beset with a tidal wave of new ministry challenges and obstacles.

All of this is why Communio has developed the Digital Toolbox for Relationships for your church. We want to make it easy for you to pour into relationships during this turbulent time. It includes digital resources and strategies your church can easily deploy now over email, text, social media, or video conference.

Date Night Kits

This includes fun, couples-centered resources you can share with your members to have a great night together at home. They also provide you an opportunity to draw in those not already connected with your church. We’ll keep adding to this portion of the toolbox in the days ahead.

Ongoing Engagement

This portion of the toolbox includes activities and strategies you can deploy to increase engagement with those who participate in your initial "Date Night" content. It includes ideas to help you create community among your members online.

Growth Journey

Communio curates the best resources that exist to strengthen marriages. This section includes skills-based, relationship enrichment content for those who engage with your Date Night and Ongoing Engagement resources. The tools here are from the most bleeding-edge experts in couples relationship education.

How to Use These Resources

The resources included above are designed to help you meet people where they are in relationship with each other and your church.

We recommend you start your outreach by leveraging fun, couples-centered resources in the “Date Night Kit” section. Then follow-up with resources in the “Ongoing Engagement” and “Growth Journey” sections to drive additional engagement through online community building and participation in skills-based relationship enrichment content.

Creating Your Digital Funnel

Creating Your Digital Funnel

Communio’s team of ministry and outreach experts can advise your church on how to maximize the number of couples you can reach. One facet of this outreach guidance is a specialty in digital outreach. This can be an extremely effective tool for your church in serving marriages, no matter where couples are located or their financial situation.

Schedule a call with Communio to learn how we can serve you and leverage these digital tools to support marriages and relationships in your church – and reach beyond your membership through digital outreach.

Too often, churches jump too quickly to delivering skills-based content that may require a heavier time commitment or cost for a couple to complete. This is usually not an effective growth strategy.

To use a relevant analogy, it’s akin to asking someone you’ve just met to marry you. You might want to develop a relationship with that person first.

The lesson is true for digital outreach. Your content and ministry resources are more likely to be used by those with whom you’ve developed a level of relationship and trust.

Think of digital outreach as a funnel with three stages—top, middle, and bottom.

“Top of Funnel” content introduces your church to the community. Content at this stage is generally more light-hearted and gives couples a fun opportunity to increase connection and grow closer together. The Date Night Kit" section of this toolbox includes great resources for you church to push out at this stage.

“Middle of Funnel” content is shared with those who have engaged with your top of the funnel content. The goal here is to provide additional value to a couple and deepen their engagement with your church.

“Bottom of Funnel” content is ultimately shared with those who engage with your first two levels of resources. At this stage, you have developed a trust (at least digitally) with those in your community and now can encourage them to consume substantive, skills-based relationship enrichment content.

If you’re interested, the Communio team can help your church create and run digital outreach campaigns on social media that invite people beyond your membership to engage with your church.

Now is the Time to Share God’s Love

Stress is corrosive in family life. Navigating the financial, emotional, and mental toll of the past few months creates new opportunities for conflict and dissatisfaction in the home – the preconditions for family breakdown and divorce.

Clearly, this is a time of grave challenge. But, the reality is that in every time of suffering and challenge, God also makes it an opportunity for our sanctification and growth.

Your church has a major opportunity to pour God’s love, hope, and healing power into families and strengthen marriages across your community.

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